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how to plot temperature hourly for a year

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HG-NU on 20 Apr 2020
Commented: dpb on 20 Apr 2020
I have a table name as y2015. This table has more than 8000 raws, containing the recorded temperature for each hour in each month of the year.
For exampl in this figure, we can see the recorded temperature at hour 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 23 for day 1 in month 1 of year 2015. Column number 5 is the recorded temperature at each hour.
I want to plot one figure that contains the temperature for each month of the year 2015.
for example, color red for month 1, color blue for month 2, color black for moth 3, ...etc.
All the data are given in the table.
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dpb on 20 Apr 2020
Simple...use grouping variables
doc findgroups
doc varfun
doc splitapply
Consider using a timetable

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