How to insert a time varying matrix in simulink?

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The figure below is my state-space equation where input matrix B and gain K are with size 9x6x100 and 6x9x100. The values of B and K are taken from the workspace in my matlab coding.
How can I assign the value of B and K into the system one by one?
For example, used B(9x6x1) & K(6x9x1) then B(9x6x2) & K(6x9x2) then B(9x6x3) & K(6x9x3) until B(9x6x100) & K(6x9x100).
I am really looking for help and thank you very much!
Linee Teh
Linee Teh on 24 Apr 2020
Let say for t = 0:1:100s, mean that the system will have different B & K every second.

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Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 24 Apr 2020
The attached file (saved in R2020a) shows an easy way to import a time-varying matrix in such a way. Define the matrices in base workspace by running these lines
B = rand(9,6,100);
K = rand(6,9,100);

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