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How I can Remove a specific Items from listbox and get its name into a variable??

i got the code to delete an item from listbox.... now,,, what if i want to get the name of the deleted item in a variable?? for ex there are 4 images in my listbox... image1.jpg,image2.jpg,image3.jpg and image4.jpg..... i delete image3.jpg... now i want the name image3.jpg in a variable... how to do that... please reply...


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 27 Oct 2012
 Accepted Answer

By then it is too late. Keep track of the item before you delete it.


yes... before deleting i want to save the image name in a variable.. how to do it?? that is ... first i select it from listbox.. then i need to save the image name in variable and then delete... how to do my second step... that is save it ina variable before deleting to show that image is deleted in a msg box... please do reply...

curidx = get(hObject, 'Value');
curstrings = get(hObject, 'String');
variable = curstrings{curidx};
curstrings(curidx) = [];  %delete it in this list
set(hObject, 'String', curstrings);  write new list in

Now the variable named "variable" will hold the string.

msgbox( sprintf('Deleting from list: %s', variable) );

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