How to detect and track Red Blood Cells in a video?

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Hi I am new at video processing and do not know how to detect and track objects in a video. I have video clip in which red blood cells are moving in different wells. See figure below. I have watched and read the documention of the Matlab Computer Vision Toolbox but find nothing relevant to my problem. You can download video from this link
I want to
1) Automatically identify each of the red blood cells (RBCs) contained within one well in the first frame, and then track each of the cells throughout the duration of the movie clip. The code must show the movie frame-by-frame, with tracked RBCS identified. (You can pick any well for which all four sidewalls are visible.)
2)Record position of the center of each RBC with respect to the side walls of the well. For each cell, plot a histogram of incremental displacements occurring between frames (both in Xand Y). Determine whether displacements of two different cells correlate between each other (again, in both directions).
Currently, I have separeted video frames, but dont know what to do next.
numFrames = vid.NumberOfFrames;
for i = 1:1:n
frames = read(vid,i);
imshow (frames);
Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf on 8 Jul 2020
Unfortunetly, no. I have not found any solution or guidelines.

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