Bouc Wen Model with Simulink

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Jose Sosa Lopez
Jose Sosa Lopez on 6 May 2020
Commented: pantao on 9 Apr 2022
Hello guys. I am trying to graph a Bouc wen model, I am using Simulink, but I have a problem, I guess I am missing something in simulink, like an integrator, but I don't know where I should put it if it is necessary, or if something else is wrong. Could you help me?
The formulas are in the pdf and my input is x= 1.5 sin(3*πt-π/2).
And I want to plot the curves of force vs. time, force vs. displacement, and force vs. velocity with different voltages of 0V, 1V, 2V.
I just am struggling with the model in Simulink.
Thanks in advance
egemensami rumelili
egemensami rumelili on 15 Dec 2020
If I use .m file I get an error, how can I fix ?

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Answers (1)

Roman Regulski
Roman Regulski on 19 Aug 2020
Can you export this model to previus version? like R2015a?

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