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How to find intersecting points

Asked by Lalit Patil on 31 Oct 2012

If i have a shere X^2 + Y^2 + Z^2 = R^2 and plane X + Y + Z + d = 0;

This plane cuts sphere, so circle is formed..

Then in MATLAB is it possible to find all possible intersecting 3D points of sphere and plane. Which function is used..?


"all intersecting 3D points" could be an infinite number, such as the circle. Are you looking for the points of intersection or for a formula that describes the points ?

Thanks for your interest.. I am looking for formula or matlab function that will give all infinite points of that intersecting circle..

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1 Answer

Answer by PG
on 31 Oct 2012

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No,this is not the thing sachin that i want.. I have a single shere of unit radius, and so many planes.. If i take one plane and it cuts to sphere then there will be one circle, I know only the radius of circle and height of it from sphere origin.. So, i have to find all intersecting points of sphere and plane that forms circle..

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