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How to export a txt file

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Pouyan Msgn
Pouyan Msgn on 7 May 2020
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
I have a txt file here but there is a problem in the X-axis and I have to reduce it by the value 1.4
I did it in Matlab but I failed to save it as new txt file
Here is my attempt:
clear all
X=D398(:,1)-(1.4); Y=D398(:,2);
A=[X Y];
fileID = fopen('NewFile.txt','w');
fprintf(fileID,'%6.2f %12.8f\n',A);
The Y axis in the NewFile is not the same as before!
Andreas on 7 May 2020
generally speaking arrays in MATLAB are stored in a column major fashion. In this case matrix A is first converted columnwise into a vector and then its components are sequentially written out to file.
To get the desirable outcome, the following line of code needs to be instead used,
fprintf(fileID,'%6.2f %12.8f\n',A.');
Kind Regards,
Pouyan Msgn
Pouyan Msgn on 7 May 2020
Hi thank you!

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