How to download image files on MatlabR2020a

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I am learning images. The Assignment asks to download file like 'rose.jpg', 'time.jpg' and 'speed.jpg' etc. type of files, and then check its various cropped formats. However, I am not able to download/upload such files on my desktop, that means I don't even find such files? Why I am facing this issue? Can someone guide and assist?
Thank you in anticipation.

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Dr. Alka Tomar
Dr. Alka Tomar on 12 May 2020
But, other participants in the course can do this. Like this participant, she is downloading array, but can not see image, as she writes as under;
"how to i dispay the image in matlab?
discussion posted 17 days ago by uchristina12
when am typing im = imread(rose.jpg) a list of numbers is displaying not the image , I need help on how to put the image in matlab"
--- That means we have some issues with us, and not the course.
I have no way to reach the creators, or else I would have asked them there instead of here.
Don't know how to solve this. As rest of the chapters are dependent on this basic function. I am not able to proceed ahead into the course. If anyone can understand what is this all about?
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2020
Ask the other students where they found the files.
I checked back to R2010bsp1 but could not find the files you name: they do not appear to have ever been part of MATLAB, in any of the toolboxes I have access to (which is a fair number.)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 May 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 12 May 2020
There is no MATLAB function that can permit you to download arbitrary images when you do not know of a location for the image.
In the case where you know the location of the image:
Since R2006b or so, urlwrite() has been able to download from URL and save to disk.
Since R2013a and possibly earlier, imread() has been able to read images from URL into memory (and you could then imwrite())
Since R2014b, websave() has been able to download from URL and save to disk.
If you are using MATLAB Online, then you can also use MATLAB Drive to transfer files you have downloaded to your desktop, over to MATLAB Online.

Dr. Alka Tomar
Dr. Alka Tomar on 12 May 2020
Thanks for the reply. I am constantly posting on their site as well, noone is replying. Hence I came here.
Anyway, you are right, else it would work.
Only I dont know how to then proceed ahead in that course.
Thank you very much again.

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