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Write a program that calculates sum of the integers numbers

Asked by Aaron Moris on 11 Apr 2011
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on 15 Aug 2017 at 3:09

What is the product if the question is write a program that calculates and prints the sum of the even integers from 2 to 30?


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Answer by Florin Neacsu on 11 Apr 2011


So 2+4+...+n = floor(n/2)*(floor(n/2)+1).

Regards, Florin


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Answer by Loginatorist on 11 Apr 2011

The product would be the sum of the even integers from 2 to 30 ;-).

Seriously, what have you tried so far on this homework problem?


You might need some bubble wrap for that.

I hate when it takes more time to understand what people want than to make their answer!

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Answer by Paulo Silva
on 11 Apr 2011



Hi Paulo, this works fine but what is operator ~ doing here? Its hard to understand what exactly is happening after ~. I am new to coding.

mod(v, 2) will be either 0 or 1. The tilde inverts that, so 0 becomes 1, and 1 becomes 0.

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Answer by Doug Eastman on 11 Apr 2011




that's simple but if you change the start value from 2 to 1 you do the sum of odd numbers instead, also if the last value is 31 or some odd number the result won't be correct, unfortunately that's not very flexible code.

btw that does work and is a good answer for the question (only if the values don't change), +1 vote

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Answer by Matt Tearle
on 11 Apr 2011


Or, for pedants who claim that evaluation is not the same as calculation,


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This is definitely the most compact and efficient way to do this. +1.

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