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plotting graph in simulink

Asked by Pat
on 6 Nov 2012

I have to plot graphs in simulink the graphs is i the link

how can we plot the graph in simulink,if not possible in simulink ,please tell how to plot in matlab m file


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2 Answers

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 12 Nov 2012
Edited by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 12 Nov 2012
 Accepted Answer

This is a plot of a step response of second order system, you can use step command in a for loop, varying the damping coefficient sigma from 0 to 1

hold on;
for k=1:5
D=[1 2*sigma*w0 w0^2]


ya azzi its a frequency response,it represents non stability regions during power flow

You can't just draw this plot, you must provide the frequency response

is it possible to draw non stability region B in negative region

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Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 6 Nov 2012

MATLAB might be more appropriate if you want to control the line styles. See Specifying Line Style.


I know to plot different graphs with line specified ,but how to get the same shape as i have posted

You put it together yourself, calculating where all the lines should go.

There is no built-in plot of that style that I know of in MATLAB (but it is possible it exists in a toolbox somewhere or in Simulink somewhere and I just have not run across it yet.)

Pat: Are you asking us to identify the function that has been plotted? That might be difficult to do.

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