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Are there specific BLE heart rate sensor devices available which are compatible to the example model BLE in Matlab?

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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 25 May 2020
Edited: Peter Gamma on 2 Jun 2020
Which heart rate sensor was the author of the example model BLE in Matlab using? Does someone know specific device models which are compatible to the example model? Are there any devices available which can be connected to this example without software developement?


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Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 29 May 2020
For me personally, DC Rainmaker blog introducing technologies for runners, cyclists and triathletes was very helpful. Ray gave the following information to me, which might be helpful also for Matlab:
There are a number of ANT+ profiles not in Bluetooth Smart, for example cycling radar or ANT+ lights, or even a draft ANT+ Aero sensor profile.
Ultimately, the core profiles for a sports watch as I see it are:
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Cycling Power
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Running Footpod (Stride sensor)
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Cycling/Speed Sensors (this is technically three different types of sensors: Speed-only, cadence-only, and Speed/Cadence combo).”
Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 2 Jun 2020
The Matlab BLE example shows a BLE heart rate sports watch. There are some chinese heart rate watches with BLE 5.0. Unfortunately, the Matlab example code is only a model with no concrete devices examples. Which heart rate sports watch was used? AMAZFIT Verge lite has Bluetooth 5.0, but the Garmin HRM dual with Bluetooth 5.0 is more accurate. In the Matlab example, it says nothing about whether there is a sports watch necessary, or whether a sports BLE sensor is sufficient.The Pyloton Open Source Bike computer should be easier to connect to Matlab than the example code in Matlab. Pyloton says nothing about Bluetooth 5.0. Pytolon works with Bluetooth 4.0 sensors, a demo is available which uses a Scosche RHYTHM+ wich is Bluetooth 4.0. The Matlab example code supports only a heart rate sensor. the Pyloton supports heart rate, speed, and cadence.
Peter Gamma
Peter Gamma on 2 Jun 2020
There are chest strap heart rate sensors, and there are wrist based optical heart rate sensors. The Matlab BLE example code shows a symbol of a wrist band heart rate sensor:
An example of a wrist band heart rate sensor is the Amazit Verge lite. But the Amazit Verge lite has only two green optical sensor lights, wereas Garmin watches have three green lights, and the Polar OH1 has 6 green lights. Some Amazfit watches are controversial for it s accuracy, There are reviews which recomment an external chest strap sensor with Amazfit watches for activities with fast movements. But the only watch with Bluetooth 5.0 is the Amazfit. The Matlab BLE example code makes reference to Bluetooth 5.0 specifications, but says nothing about whether the example also works with Bluetooth 4.0.

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