How to Calculate sum of entries "NumDays 10". i need help, i want to calculate total entries in 10 days and display. here's the code.

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readChannelID = 1035265;
outputliquidqantityFieldID = 3;
readAPIKey = '';
meter_reading = thingSpeakRead(readChannelID,'Fields', outputliquidqantityFieldID,'NumDays',10,'ReadKey',readAPIKey);
% Calculate the Cost
Billing_cost = sum(meter_reading);
display(Billing_cost,'Total Billing Cost (INR)');
% Start by setting the channel ID and Alert key. All alert key start with TAK.
formatSpec = "The Water consumption bill is: %d,%d";
A1 = sum(meter_reading);
A2 = meter_reading
apiKey = 'TAK14ZOZGAXZQMR05';
alertURL = "";
options = weboptions("HeaderFields", ["ThingSpeak-Alerts-API-Key", apiKey ]);
alertBody = sprintf(formatSpec,A1,A2)
alertSubject = sprintf(" Water consumption exceeded 100 l!");
if meter_reading >= 100
webwrite(alertURL, "body", alertBody, "subject", alertSubject, options);

Accepted Answer

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 27 May 2020
consider using size(meter_reading,1);

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