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How can a MATLAB Grader course instructor (who is not the owner of the course) make copies of a course?

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We've been using Matlab Grader last year and now we want to use it again this year for the new edition of the class. However, the course can only be duplicated/copied by the owner.
Is there a way to transfer ownership such that we will be able to generate another copy of the class for next year even though the person who initially started the class last year won't be accessible anymore? It would be a lot of unnecessary overhead to recreate all assignments manually.
Besides this the current documentation (R2020a) seems to indicate that copying a course should be possible for every course instructor:
-> create a course -> copy a course:
But this is not the case: Currently only the course owner is allowed to do so.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 26 May 2020
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Currently (R2020a), there is neither a way to transfer the ownership of a course nor to copy the course as instructor (not owner) yourself. Only the owner/author can copy the course.
To transfer ownership to another person, the author needs to copy the course and designate the appropriate instructor as the new author.
Please, contact MathWorks Customer Service if you need assistance to transfer ownership of a course or to do a course copy. Please, mention the specific course and _old course owner's + new owner's _email address.
You can create your request here:

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