How do I interpolate a set of data?

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Tobenna Uzuegbunam
Tobenna Uzuegbunam on 27 May 2020
Answered: Sai Sri Pathuri on 29 May 2020
I'm trying to interpolate a set of data, however, I keep getting the error message " Error using timetable/retime (line 140)
Input timetables must contain sorted (increasing or decreasing) row times when synchronizing using 'linear' ". Can anyone help me out? The data is a 15 minute data that I need retimed to 1 second. The code used seen below and the data is attached.
%import data
Lowesoftsst_10_2019 = importlowesoftssh('LowesoftTidal_10_2019.csv');
%change table to timetable
sshtimetable = table2timetable(Lowesoftsst_10_2019);
% Retime timetable
sshretimed = retime(sshtimetable,'regular','linear','TimeStep',seconds(1))

Answers (1)

Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 29 May 2020
I assume importlowesoftssh is user-defined function. So, I cannot run the code at my end. However, from error, I think you need to sort the time column of sshtimetable file either in ascending/descending order to resolve the issue.

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