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How can I convert a raw matrix into a sequence of digits?

Asked by hadi
on 13 Nov 2012
Latest activity Commented on by Nazim Mohamed on 16 Feb 2015
 I need to convert a raw matrix into a sequence of digits (single element matrices)using simulink block that gives one element at a time because I am using   (Integer to binary converter) that gives me 1x8 matrix and I need to transmit those binary digits one by one through a communication channel..  


I think if there is a Parallel to Serial converter block then the problem will be solved? thanks for your help.

Hello, is it possible to run the simulation in 'inf' and modify the constant value while simulation ?

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1 Answer

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 13 Nov 2012
Edited by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 16 Nov 2012
 Accepted Answer

You can use an Index Vector block with 8 input, the control input is a repeating sequence stair [0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7] block. If it's not clear I will post a simulink model


thank Azzi for your help but please post me the simulink model to understand your your answer.

thank you Azzi really thank you am really appreciate it ..I think the output for your model is 1 then 0 then 0 1 1 0 1 1 isn't it?

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