How to display *.obj or *.png files on a figure window?

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Cem on 15 Nov 2012
Answered: mitra on 5 Aug 2014
I have some 3D scans of some objects in *.png or *.obj formats. How can I display them in a figure window? thank you.

Accepted Answer

Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 15 Nov 2012
I'm not sure about the .obj files, but for .png files something like the following should work to display the image in the current axes:
img = imread('foo.png');
For more options/details, run:
help imread
help image
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Cem on 15 Nov 2012
Hello Richard,
Thank you for the tip. Now, I need to find out how to display obj files.

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mitra on 5 Aug 2014
hello, I need some doc. aboat 3d scan with parallel beams!

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