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I want to send email from a matlab code through Thunderbird. How I can do?

Asked by davide
on 17 Nov 2012

I have already sent email from a matlab code through outlook, but now I have changed the mail program with Thunderbird. With outlook I have utilized the following commands, but I don't know what I have to change to make the code working properly also with Thunderbird

h = actxserver('outlook.Application'); mail = h.CreateItem('olMail'); mail.Subject = subject; mail.To = to; mail.ReplyRecipientNames = from; mail.BodyFormat = 'olFormatHTML'; mail.HTMLBody = body;

% Add attachments, if specified. if nargin == 5 for i = 1:length(attachments) mail.attachments.Add(attachments{i}); end end

% Send message and release object. mail.Send; h.release;

I want to thanks a lot people that con help me in solving this problem.

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Why send email through outlook or thunderbird, since you can do it directly from Matlab?

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1 Answer

Answer by davide
on 21 Nov 2012

Because I utilize Thunderbird as mail program and I want to have a copy of the message that I send with matlab also in Thunderbird.


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