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How to show all the midpoints on my bisection code?

Asked by Matthew
on 19 Nov 2012

I have a code for finding the bisection, but I need to include 3 things please:

  1. output- Root History a vector containing the sequence of midpoints obtained by the algorithm
  2. output- the absolute value of the function f(x) at r, i.e., fRoot = f(r)
  3. input- max iterations
function [R, E] = myBisection(f, a, b, tol)
m = (a + b)/2;
R = m;
E = abs(f(m));
while E(end) > tol
    if sign(f(a)) == sign(f(m))
        a = m;
        b = m;
m = (a + b)/2;
R = [R, m];
E = [E, abs(f(m))];

how do I do this? thanks!!


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