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Fuzzy contoller with two DC motor for autonomous parking car

Asked by Abdulrahman Mohammed on 19 Nov 2012

hello guys, can any one help me in this simulink to parking car based on fuzzy logic it's give me line in graph does'nt correct any one have idea PLZ told me.

For Simulink:




Please ask a more specific question than help me.

my question if i add feedback for y before fuzzy control with MUX they give me error because cannot add 3 variable to MUX?

 also second error for fuzzy control ((( Error in port widths or dimensions. Input port 1 of 'test000/Fuzzy Logic Controller' is a one dimensional vector with 2 elements.)))

Can you change your fuzzy controller to accept 3 inputs or at least a 3 element vector? Then change your mux accordingly.

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