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TLC equivalent of find_system(...)

Asked by Babak
on 19 Nov 2012

For Target Development/ code generation, I need to edit the ert_file_process.tlc file.

In this file I need to write a few lines to get some of the existing parameters of subsystem blocks that I have developed and user is using in the model.

In other words, I want to know which tlc directives I should use to find data (mask parameters) of the present subsystem blocks in my model. In MATLAB (.m) language, I would use the following lines to do so. I want to know the equivalent .tlc code for these:

 Subsystem_blocks = find_system(bdroot,'BlockType','SubSystem');
 for j=1:length(Subsystem_blocks)
   p = Simulink.Mask.get(Subsystem_blocks{j});
   param2 = p.getParameter('my_mask_param2');

I would like to use the results of param2 (the mask parameters of the existing subsystem blocks that I've developed) in the tlc file...

Thanks in advance!


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1 Answer

Answer by Kaustubha Govind on 19 Nov 2012
Edited by Kaustubha Govind on 19 Nov 2012
 Accepted Answer

There is no equivalent of find_system in TLC, but you can write your own MATLAB helper function and call it using the FEVAL directive.

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Thanks, Kaustubha! I will try that.

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