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replace the function "randperm" into code from embedded block SIMULINK

Asked by Emmanuel Luevano on 19 Nov 2012

hi, I need to generate a c code from the next code wrote on an embedded editor from embedded block from simulink, but randperm is not supported by code generation, is there some way to do it?

thanks for you support

Size = 100

n = 50

pop = zeros(Size,n);
pop(1,:) = (1:n);
for k = 2:popSize
  pop(k,:) = randperm(n);

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btw, if I use eml.extrinsic to execute it, I understand that the operation is performed externally, but, it affect my code when this is done?

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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 20 Nov 2012
 Accepted Answer

randperm() is actually:

[~, p] = sort(rand(1,n))

Does this work in code generation?

In the current Matlab version, randperm uses the smarter Fisher-Yates-Shuffle, when 2 inputs are used. Would a corresponding C-Mex function work: FEX: Shuffle ?


these are good tips, I'll try with these, thanx, back with the results.

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