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How can I disable Toolstrip keybindings?

Asked by Eric
on 20 Nov 2012

There is elsewhere lots of toolstrip/ribbon discussion. I hope not to duplicate it here, but to keep a focused question and answers.

How may one disable some or all of the Toolstrip keybindings?

I use the "Emacs Default Set" keybindings. The table under Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts shows Action name "Copy" with Shortcut Alt+W, in All Tools, and no conflicts or possible conflicts are listed.

Yet, Alt+W does not copy in the R2012b editor.

Instead, it activates the 'View' tab of the toolstrip.

If there is no way to disable the toolstrip shortcuts, or to make them secondary to the editing shortcuts, then R2012b is completely unusable with Emacs-style keybindings.

Thank you in advance,



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1 Answer

Answer by Peter Muellers on 21 Nov 2012
 Accepted Answer

The Alt+W copy key binding does take precedence over the toolstrip mnemonic that selects the view tab. If you press Alt and then within a second press W the copy function should be invoked. If on the other hand you keep the Alt key pressed for more than a second before pressing W then the toolstrip mnemonic will be activated.

If given the above, Alt+W copy doesn't work consitently for you then you can disable the toolstrip mnemonics using the following command, which you can put in startup.m if desired:


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Oh sweet Jesus. Thank you!

Those tooltip popups were annoying the hell out of me.

Some software engineer thought it was a good idea to spawn more than a dozen tiny 16x19px windows as tooltips instead of using the proper tooltip mechanisms of X11.

It was slow as hell and the damn little squares kept getting stuck up there.

Meanwhile I still cannot ctrl-backspace over words in the command window.

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