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Parameter conversion between synchronous machine pu standard and pu fundemental

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Meme Young
Meme Young on 5 Jun 2020
I am doing synchronous machine modelling and I am paying attention to the pu standard and pu fundemental synchronous machine. When looking under the mask of synchronous machine, it can be found that whether standard or fundemental parameters, the parameters under the mask are fundemental. But I dont know how to convert standard parameters into fundemental ones.
Example 4.1 in Kunder's Power System Stability and control shows the conversion between standard and fundemental parameters, but the most confusing part is that the parameters Lmd and Lmq in simulink sync machine models are not in Kunder's book, and you cant find the way to correspond them. In documentation of simulink, Lmq seems to be in the place of Laq in Kunder's book circuit, but there are also Laq in simulink model mask. The correspondence is really chaotic and I really dont know how to do it. Can anyone help?

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