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How to do SVD without function..?

Asked by Lalit Patil on 26 Nov 2012

I have a Three parameters Xi,Yi,Zi.. and I am finding a SVD of them..







and i am getting four parameters for plane.. the code is ok.. but,

is there any method to do SVD without using SVD function..?


This is not that thing which i want..

I want to know that what procedure happened inside SVD matlab function so that U,S,V get generated..?

Actually i want to write code for that..

The blog has a bunch of links.

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 26 Nov 2012


But , I can't understand what the sequence is of mathematical equations.?

I want That equations or code which can be applied insted of SVD functions..

That is the code that is used by MATLAB (though it is not impossible that Mathworks has tweaked the code.) Everything that is documented about exactly how MATLAB's SVD function operates is in that source code (when you include the related files for the routines it calls.)

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