Deconvolution and blind Deconvolution of signal

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Dear users,
I would like to deconvolve the given output signal shown in figure 1 with a wavelet in figure 2. How can I perform deconvolution of these two signals. My objective is to convert the multiple wavelet shown in figure 3 which is zoom part of figure 1 to single wavelet given in Figure 2.
Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3
Also, if I dont know the initial wavelet, how can i perform blind deconvolution in MATLAB.
Here is the code to generate wavelet,
dt=1e-8; fs=1/dt; f0=2.5e6; t0=1/f0;
fmax=1/dt; fmin=0;
for it = 1:nt
Original signal data is attached with file name U2.txt. First column is time data and 2nd column is amplitude.
Data can be plot as follows.
U2 = importdata('U2.txt');;
figure; plot(output(:,1),output(:,2),'b-');
Other suggestions are also welcome.
thanks and regards

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