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Subhashree Mishra
Subhashree Mishra on 30 Nov 2012
Hi, I have been writing numerous plotting codes in matlab and now that the time is for publishing I feel that my graphs do not look like publication quality. Sometimes I have letters fade or they get cut off as if I erased part of my title. Sometimes when I specify a fontsize or make the "FontWeight' bold, only parts of the text are in bold. Also when I use subplot, the legends have a line running through them. This is very frustrating. Any ideas about why this is happening? Thank you very much for your time and help.

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bym on 30 Nov 2012

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Subhashree Mishra
Subhashree Mishra on 30 Nov 2012
Thank you for the answer proescm. exportfig seems to be great function. However, how do I deal with figures that get corrupted as they are plotted. Is there a reason that this happens? Thank you for your time.

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