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How do I turn off figure toolbar and turn on axes toolbar

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I have an application I made with GUIDE. If I turn on the figure toolbar (set figure.toolbar property to 'figure'), the axes exploration buttons (zoom, pan, etc) appear above each graph, but only when running in MATLAB, not compiled. If I turn off the figure toolbar (set figure.toolbar property to 'none'), then they don't show up at all. If I turn off the figure toolbar and activate the desired buttons for each axes in the figure using axtoolbar, then they appear as desired, both within MATLAB and compiled. The code I end up with is
buttons = {'export' 'pan' 'zoomin' 'zoomout' 'restoreview'};
axtoolbar(handles.axes1, buttons);
axtoolbar(handles.axes2, buttons);
I realize that addToolbarExplorationButtons and removeToolbarExplorationButtons affect this but I don't know what is the precise state of each combination.
If there is a better way to do this I am all ears.

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