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Where is the Matlab Simulink 'Send to figure' option on newer versions?

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I followed official tutorials of the official MATLAB youtube channel. There in the simulation data inspector, I found a very key feature - 'Send to figure' which allows us to view the comparison on a MATLAB figure which is more familiar. But I am using MATLAB R2018a version which has a different UI compared to there tutorials on Youtube. I can't find the said feature on the newer version. Where I can find it or has it been removed now?

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Sai Sri Harsha Vallabhuni
Sai Sri Harsha Vallabhuni on 26 Jun 2020
Edited: Sai Sri Harsha Vallabhuni on 26 Jun 2020
When click on the camera symbol, you can see menu as below
Select your desired plot or the whole plot and send to MATLAB Figure.
Hope this answers your question.

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