How to use lpfilter for filtering in frequency domain of an image?

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satish thapaliya
satish thapaliya on 4 Dec 2012
Answered: serwan Bamerni on 2 May 2015
I used the following codes f=imread('phalenges.jpg'); [M,N]=size(f); sig=10; F=fft2(f); H=lpfilter('gaussian',[M,N],'sig'); G=H.*F; g=real(ifft2(G)); imshow(g,[])
But following error message was displayed
??? Undefined function or method 'lpfilter' for input arguments of type 'char'.

Answers (1)

serwan Bamerni
serwan Bamerni on 2 May 2015
you should download the lpfilter.m file from internet and put it your work directory to be able to use this function

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