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Why Polar Plots Output not scaling well?

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Herman Kunsei
Herman Kunsei on 29 Jun 2020
Commented: Herman Kunsei on 1 Jul 2020
Dear All,
I am having a hard time trying to understand why my polar plots are presented as below. All other variarble remain the same, I was only change the thetas as shown in the legend. May someone, explain why this is so?
Thank you,


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Herman Kunsei
Herman Kunsei on 1 Jul 2020
Hi Walter,
I confirm the angles are in radians. Below is the two equations I solved and plotte the above figure. For the angles shown. w1 and delta2 are unknowns.
1/2 |w1+cos(kdsin(θi+δ2))+ j sin(kdsin(θi+δ2)) |=0
1/2 |w1/2 |w1+cos(kdsin(θm+δ2)+ jsin(kd sin(θm+δ2)|=1
I used subsitution and syms to solve for w1 and then use that to determine delta2.
Since the plot are not within the chart area, I was to asked:
  1. If that is normal and
  2. What conditions would case this behaviour?
  3. Is there a fix to having all the plots showing within the chart area?
Thank you.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2020
Plots not being within the chart area are normal if you use
hold on
such as you might in order to do multiple plots.
hold on freezes the limits.
%unfreeze axes limits
ax = gca;
ax.RLimMode = 'auto';
ax.ThetaLimMode = 'auto';
Herman Kunsei
Herman Kunsei on 1 Jul 2020
Thanks, that explains a lot.
I'll try the suggestion.

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