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How to extract a feature vector of size 256 from Local Binary pattern (LBP ) Image?

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Unqua Laraib
Unqua Laraib on 30 Jun 2020
I had done enough literature on LBP but i guess i still fail to understand it completely. According to my understanding when LBPH is applied on an image it returns a feature vector of size 1x256 i.e. the feature vector contians the frequency of gray levels (from 0-255) in the image. Ive tried many LBP codes i found online and i dont understand what it returns.
Simple what i want is a feature vector of size 1x256 when LBP is applied on an image.
Please guide me and provide the source code (code is much needed)
ive followed this code by ImageAnalyst : but i dont know what is the final feature vector


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