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How to obtain statespace having two inputs from transfer function in matlab mfile

Asked by azan
on 5 Dec 2012

I am having a transfer function having two zeros and four poles.

    G(s)=   (as^2+bs+c)/(s^4+ds^3+es^2 )

I need to convert TF to statespace such that it has two inputs i.e. matrix B has two columns.I know the commands tf2ss but it gives me statespace with one input.


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2 Answers

Answer by Azzi Abdelmalek
on 5 Dec 2012
 Accepted Answer

Use tf2ss to find A,B,C,D , change B to add any inputs you want, then rebuilt a newmodel with ss function

N=[a b c];
D=[1 d e 0 0];
B=[B [1;0;0;0]]


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Answer by Teja Muppirala
on 5 Dec 2012

How about:

s = tf('s');
G=   (s^2+s+1)/(s^4+s^3+s^2 );
Gss = ss([G G]);

Although I don't quite see the point in having two inputs to the same system (you could just add them together and get the same response).


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