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How does stateflow identify multiple signal inputs?

Asked by Chate
on 5 Dec 2012

I am trying to use Stateflow to trigger different state/event in my model, where the trigger signals comes from 4 separate blocks. Each of these 4 signals will trigger different state/event.

However, when I am trying to add multiple signal inputs into stateflow, it only allow 1 connector, and all 4 signals must be combined with a mux. (Where as data inputs can be connected individually)

How would stateflow identify which signal is which? Unlike attribute, I cannot name the signal when it comes out of the block. I can only name when adding signal input to the stateflow. But how would stateflow identify which signal from which block is the correct one? Does the number of input port (1-4) identify which signal from the mux it will take? (input port 1 takes the top signal of the mux, and port 4 takes the bottom signal of the mux?)



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