How can I do a contour plot of velocity, having x, y coordinates and its length on x and y axis?

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Ernst Ulmann
Ernst Ulmann on 6 Dec 2012
Commented: Vedant Patel on 23 Jan 2022
I have problems concerning creation of contour plot. By this I mean, I have a txt file with 4 columns. Each row represents one vector. First two columns specify vector position (x and y coordinate) whereas next two stores velocity (so length of the vector in fact) value (horizontal and vertical component).
I am supposed to plot the data in contour form and so far, nothing seems to work. I tried functions contour, contourfm meshgrid, griddata etc. It should be mentioned, however, that I'm not an experienced MATLAB user, so probably I'm using these functions in a wrong manner.
I would appreciate your help.

Answers (1)

bym on 8 Dec 2012

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