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Manage data between different gui's.

Asked by Jenny
on 10 Dec 2012

How can I send an image ( which is uploaded in a gui_1 ) to a gui_2 and show it there in an axes? I know how to do this with having a pushbutton in gui_2, but I would like the image to be shown with the press of a pushbutton in the previous gui, for example "next" . Does anyone know?


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 10 Dec 2012
 Accepted Answer

It works by exactly the same method from another GUI also: You need the handle of the axes-object to show the image in. Either get this handle when GUI_1 is created, e.g. as input, when the GUI_2 is used to create GUI_1. Or search for the handle dynamically using findobj and a unique tag.

Sharing data between different GUIs has been discussed dozens of times in this forum. Perhaps you find the threads using the forum's search. A good advice is to study Matt Fig's GUI examples:

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thank you very much!

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