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How to do 3d points correspondence?

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WONG on 11 Dec 2012
Answered: feng wei on 15 Nov 2016
I have several sets of data.For example,data1 is [x1,y1,z1;x2,y2,z2;...] which means M points in 3d space and data2 has N points. I want to make the points of these two datasets the same.Perhaps both of them have A points after computing. I don't know how to do this?My tutor said that I can use MDL(minimum description length),but I really don't know how to code with matlab.The code on the Internet cannot work or wastes too much time.I need your help. If you know how to solve this problem ,please answer my question and note my via e-mail.
PS:Make the numbers of the points the same with MDL.
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the cyclist
the cyclist on 11 Dec 2012
You have not given enough information to help you. You need to give more detail about how to make the two datasets the same.
Also, please give a general example of data1, data2, and the output you would expect.

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