Maximum Drawdown calculate and plot as a chart

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Mark S
Mark S on 11 Jul 2020
Edited: Mark S on 11 Jul 2020
Hello, i want create a skript which calculate the drawdown of a stock like this:
I've tried programming something like that but it doesn't worked:
function [] = MAXDRAWDOWN(r)
% Maximum drawdown is defined as the largest drop from a peak to a bottom
% experienced in a certain time period.
% r... vector of returns
% size of r
n = max(size(r));
% calculate vector of cum returns
cr = cumsum(r);
% calculate drawdown vector
classification = zeros( length(r),1 );
for i = 1:n
dd(i) = max(cr(1:i))-cr(i);
classification = dd
Can anybody help me with my project?

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