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I have currently created two separate matrices both [500x1] and am trying to write them into one .txt file but it is not working. If anyone could give suggestions, it would be appreciated.
close all
clear all
M = 500;
D = 0.05;
angl_min = pi;
angl_max = 2*pi;
p = rand(M,1);
angle_random = angl_min + ((angl_max - angl_min).*p);
v = (D/2)*ones(M,1);
fp = fopen('random_cylind.txt','w+');
for i = 1:M

Accepted Answer

Vladimir Sovkov
Vladimir Sovkov on 12 Jul 2020
T = [v angle_random]; % this is if you want a 2-column file
save('random_cylind.txt','T','-ascii','-double'); % explore available options for "save" in Matlab documentation

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