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Matlab can not split the txt file.

Asked by Saeed
on 12 Dec 2012


I have a text file which matlab can not split to different cell arrays using import data command.

The text file can be seen here<>:

Since I have many of these files I really do not know how to solve the issue, can anybody help? Thanks

I can bring the data to matlab arrays using the lines below:

  • delimiterIn = ' ';
  • headerlinesIn = 100;
  • A = importdata(path,delimiterIn,headerlinesIn);

where path is the address I use to open the text file, but it takes all the data of a line to one cell array but I can not do any analysis on it.

Best regards



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 12 Dec 2012

textscan() with HeaderLines as appropriate, and format '%f%f%f%f%s%f%f'


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Answer by Saeed
on 13 Dec 2012

Dear Walter and Pedro


Thanks for your answers, Yap at last I used textscan command to scan the data. And it works fine. I just did not want to use a loop for taking the results out because I thought it might be time consuming because I will have 10000 of those files. But it works fine. Thanks a lot.

Best regards



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