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convert 3d matrix to dicom image

Asked by pari
on 15 Dec 2012

hello every one... i write a code for image proccessing on dicom images. first i read a dicom image with 'dicomread'. now im looking for a solution to write a 3d matrix on that dicom image so change it. can anyone help me on how can i do this?


@Amith, in more recent versions you can use the 'MultiframeSingleFile' option in dicomwrite() to achieve this.

@Sean, I did try that, but it always generates individual 2D images. I must have gone wrong somewhere!

You may be right that it saves multiple 2d slices in one dcm image, (I've always used Dirk's tools too!)

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1 Answer

Answer by Amith Kamath on 4 Jan 2013
Edited by Amith Kamath on 4 Jan 2013

I suppose for the time being, this happens to be the best available solution: , and considering that you're opening it for analysis, I suppose it isn't a great idea to overwrite the existing DICOM with edited data.


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