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Saving a Table as a SpreadSheet Using a Dialog Box

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Hello, I made a GUI that takes files (from multiple formats) and creates a table out of them. The end result is this large (or sometimes small) table. I would like to put a button on the GUI that tells the user to "Save Table". From this button I would like a Dialog Box to open which then asks the user to name the table then the user selects where on their computer they would like to save it. I am only going to give them the option to save it as a '.xlsx' file extension. So, in short I need to convert my table into an Excel Spreadsheet, then save it as whatever the user types. I have looked at the function 'uiputfile' but its a little confusing and it doesn't seem to do exactly what I would like. Let me know if there is a quick fix or if this problem is too complicated. Any input helps, thanks!!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2020
Edited: Image Analyst on 20 Jul 2020
Try it this way
% Get the name of the file that the user wants to save.
startingFolder = pwd % Or "c:\mydata" or wherever you want.
defaultFileName = fullfile(startingFolder, '*.xlsx');
[baseFileName, folder] = uiputfile(defaultFileName, 'Specify a file');
if baseFileName == 0
% User clicked the Cancel button.
% Get base file name, so we can ignore whatever extension they may have typed in.
[~, baseFileNameNoExt, ext] = fileparts(baseFileName);
fullFileName = fullfile(folder, [baseFileNameNoExt, '.xlsx']) % Force an extension of .xlsx.
% Now write the table to an Excel workbook.
writetable(T, fullFileName);

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