Error: Warning: The end of file was reached before the requested samples were read completely. Total number of samples read is 15138816.

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I am getting an error which says that the file I am reading is too short to read the requested number of samples. However, I know this cannot be the case as I can check the length of the file itself by looking at it before processing. Further, I have inserted lines into my code which means it should only attempt to read the file if it is a certain length. Why is this happening?
%Input variables:
directory={'H:\SoundTrap\wav files\GoatIsland\008_GoatIsland_5280';};
%% For loop to run through series of folders of .wav files:
for j=1:length(directory)
clearvars -except j directory tlo thi filelength; %clear all variables between folders
d=dir(fullfile(folder, '*.wav')); %list all .wav files in path folder
files=length(d); %number of files in folder
output=[]; %create empty output array
clear('A'); %clear output array between folders
row=1; %tool to store output data on new row of output matrix
%'A' at each iteration of loop
%get sampling frequency of first (i.e. all) files in folder
firstfile=fullfile(folder, char(d(1,1).name));
[xbit,fs]=audioread(firstfile, [1 2]);
%% Input variables (using fs from first file)
lcut=0; %low frequency cutoff (will adjust later)
hcut=72000; %high freq cutoff
%Select 2 mins or 5 mins of each .wav depending on data/purpose...
nlo=fs*tlo; %multiply fs by tlo to get starting point
nup=fs*thi; %do the same for end point
N=fs/1; %segment length
window=fs; %frequency bin size
overlap=window/2; %amount of overlap between segments (50%)
nfft=fs; %fft length
for i=1:files %for each file
disp(d(i).name); %display filename
filename=fullfile(folder, d(i).name); %get full filename
wavinfo=audioinfo(filename); %get file info
%Run PSD only if file is 2 mins long (1:59):
%i.e. 119seconds*144000samples
if (wavinfo.TotalSamples>=nup)
[xbit, fs]=audioread(filename, [nlo,nup]);
%read in file
%removes DC offset
[spectra, f]=pwelch(xbit,window,overlap,nfft,fs);
%perform pwelch
%convert output to dB by multiplying by 10*log10
%apply calibration (S)
output(row,:) = calcspectra;
%fill successive rows with output from %pwelch
row = row + 1;
%move onto next row of output matrix
%If file is too short (rare):
%fill data row with zeros
output(row,2:72001)=zeros; %fill row with zeroes
formatSpec=('Error: %s has an unexpected file length! Not processed\n');
fprintf(2, formatSpec, filename);
row=row + 1;
%list of filenames where rows were filled with zeroes is issued in
%a separate _shortfiles.csv
%code goes on to save output of each loop in .csv file...

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