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create set of set of images listed in a file.

Asked by losy
on 29 Dec 2012


i am a beginner student in MATLAB i want to know how can i create file to store a set of (JPEG format)images as i want to load this images from this file in MATLAB


yes that is i need , i need to store group of images in a file that store them or in SQL database if it possible to connect matlab with SQL please help me

Well which one is it? Surely you must have a preference because those are drastically different things. For saving to an image file I already asked you to look at the TIFF class - see the help.

If you can explain why you need to store them in a file before doing the PCA, instead of just loading them at the time of doing the PCA, then we could possibly recommend an approach.

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 29 Dec 2012

Look at the TIFF class. I think (though I've never done it) that it can save multiple images into one file.


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