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Plantwide Control Training and Answers

Asked by rami
on 30 Dec 2012

I am a software engineer for some of leading companies that specialist in building controller software and Application, I am going to build new software, that needs engineering skills beside to the software and coding skills. Everything going well with me, I started reading some of Plantwide Control pdfs and take a look into some of the related algorithms and diagrams.

can you provide me with the solutions and answers for the exercises in each Appendix?

Ex: Appendix F

feedforward control based on measurements of z0 and F0 . Fsp, the set point of the reactor effluent flow controller, can be used to approximate F. The set point for the reactor level controller would then be In the following steps, you are to evaluate Luyben’s proposed alternative. If necessary, detune any of the controllers to keep oscillations to a minimum. (a) Determine how Luyben’s proposed alternative structure responds to a step change in z0 . (b) Implement Luyben’s proposed feedforward controller— that is the equation above—and implement a similar step change in z0 . (c) What can you say about the speed of response of this controlled plant with and without the feedforward controller? (d) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Luyben’s proposal? F.6 Implement Alternatives 3 and 4 using the Simulink model. This will require tuning a cascade loop to control composition in each case. HR, sp(t) = z0 (t) kRa 1 F0 (t) - 1 Fsp b (a) Evaluate the response of these controlled plants for a step change in F0 without using the ratio controller proposed by Wu and Yu. (b) Repeat (a) with a controller used to ratio the column feed flow rate to the reactor feed flow rate. How do the responses in (a) and (b) compare? F.7 Evaluate any two of the four alternatives we have looked at in this chapter, (i.e., Exercises F.3, F.4a, and/or F.6). (a) Compare the responses of each control structure to step changes in reactor feed flow rate. (b) Compare the sensitivities of each alternative to changes in this variable. F.8 The recycle plant discussed in this chapter utilizes a composition-only model; that is, thermal effects are neglected. Appendix H contains equations and parameters that can be used to model temperature effects in the reactor. Implement the cooling coil equations for the reactor and, using the cooling water flow rate as manipulated variable, design a PI controller that will control reactor temperature. Test your plant’s response to a step change in reactor feed flow rate using any of the control structure alternatives discussed in this chapter. What can you conclude regarding the effect of a well-tuned controller for reactor temperature on the responses of the other system variables such as F and D? A

you can find this document on


Do you seriously expect someone to do the work for you, so that you can get your paycheck? Please show some effort. What have you done so far? What are the specific problems you have encountered? Most people in this forum will be happy to help you understand Matlab, few will be willing to do your job. There are consultants that get paid for that.

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