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I want to make sender and receiver on the same machine

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I want to create to clients one is sender and the other is receiver on the same single machine which is not connected to any network or workgroup etc.
Is it possible in MatLab If yes then please elaborate with expample.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Jan 2013
Yes, it is possible in MATLAB using the Instrument Control Toolbox, if the udp protocol is used. Also with sufficiently new versions of MATLAB, tcp could also be used.
You would need to use different MATLAB sessions for server and client. They could be started independently or one of them could start the other such as
system('matlab -nodisplay -r YourScriptName &')
Specify "localhost" or as the host. Use any fixed port number above 32767 up to 65535 as the receiving port for one side, and a different port number in that range for the other side.

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