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how to execute (cell) in operation (if then)? , data types: string, taken from the data excel.

Asked by Roza
on 6 Jan 2013

I want to compare two string data. but when I use the expression for and if, it can not be run.

i'm sorry... this is my code... I am a beginner, please your help.

for i=1:n_vertex
for j=1:n_vertex
   if isequal(follower{i,1}==mention{i,1}, follower{i,2}==mention{i,2})
       if follower{i,1}==wg{i,1}

============================================================================== Error using ==> eq Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> oo at 17 if isequal(follower{i,1}==mention{i,1}, follower{i,2}==mention{i,2})

================================================================================ I want to make it again from (1) to n_vertex. but it seems there is something wrong .. please help, thank you.


Roza, Do not use the name of an individual as a Tag. Read the guide to tags and retag this question. See

ooh hehehe... sorry, i am newbie :)... thanks for the information

Instead of saying sorry, it would be more efficient to edit the tag. Although there are many Jan Simon's on the earth, the most famous is a female violinist, I assume the tag means me. Therefore I feel free to delete it.

You have posted the same question already two days ago. Walter's answer suggested STRCMP() already and was accepted.

Please avoid such "double-posting", because it confuses the readers and the ones, who spend time for answering. Thanks.

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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 6 Jan 2013

Do not use == to compare strings. Use strcmp()


if i want ~= , what should i use to compare string?

As Walter has said already: Use strcmp. And if you want to check for not matching strings, use strcmp(String1, String2) == 0 or the equivalent not(strcmp(String1, String2)). Please type "help strcmp" in the command window to find out more.

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