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How to update Perl in matlab

Asked by Qingping
on 6 Jan 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 20 Nov 2015

I am using Perl in matlab.

Perl code:

   my  $dbh = DBI->connect("dbi:$dbdriver:dbname=$dbname;host=$dbhost;port=$dbport", $dbuser, $dbpasswd);

Matlab give me a error message as below:

Error using perl (line 80)
System error:
install_driver(PgPP) failed: Can't locate DBD/ in @INC (@INC contains:
D:/GreenSoft/Matlab7X/sys/perl/win32/site/lib D:/GreenSoft/Matlab7X/sys/perl/win32/lib .) at (eval 6) line 3.
Perhaps the DBD::PgPP perl module hasn't been fully installed,
or perhaps the capitalisation of 'PgPP' isn't right.
Available drivers: CSV, DBM, ExampleP, File, Gofer, ODBC, Oracle, Proxy, SQLite, Sponge.
 at .\ line 11


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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 6 Jan 2013

Perl modules can be found at

The obvious links on that page about how to install perl modules do not appear to be working at the moment, so see


Tks your answer. There are many infomation about update the perl modules in windows or unix, but I can't find a help with update the perl in matlab.

If i install perl and some modules in windows, for use perl with command like this, dos(['perl']), not run command perl('')

To find your MS Windows perl binary from the MATLAB command line, command

fullfile(matlabroot, 'sys\perl\win32\bin\perl')

Once you have that location, you can head over to any handy command window and use perl from the command line to install perl modules as described in the link I gave above.

There is no special mechanism to update perl within MATLAB, unless you want to fight with MATLAB about it. In particular, the MATLAB perl() command will not allow you to give a flag such as "-e" or "-M" as your first argument so to work entirely inside MATLAB for the update you would have to a perl script that started with "use CPAN;" and had the appropriate "install" command.

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Answer by Fred
on 11 Mar 2014

How can I find the OS X perl binary from the Matlab command line?

When I look in the matlabroot\sys\ folder, there is no perl directory.


Macos X should have pearl installed by default. I dont know where it is though.

At least as of R2014a, for MS Windows perl is found as

fullfile(matlabroot, 'sys\perl\win32\bin\')

and for OS-X and Linux, perl is found as

unix('which perl')

That is, the system perl is used. On my OS-X Yosemite system that is /usr/bin/perl

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