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how to divide image to overlapping blocks

i have an image 256*256, i want to divide the image to 16*16 every blocks. every 4 pixel, i want to take one blocks and continue. if i use blockproc, i dont understand with fun and i think blockproc is use to divide image to nonoverlapping blocks.


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 7 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

blockproc() can be used overlapping by specifying margins.

Your requirements are confusing. You ask for 16*16 and talk about 4 pixels, but if you subdivide 256*256 into 4 pixel blocks even non-overlapping you are going to get more than 16*16. Are you asking to divide the 256*256 into 16*16 with each of those non-overlapping to each other, and then within each 16*16 block you want to work with overlapping 4x4 pixel blocks (all 225 of them) ??

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i want to divide it to 16*16 overlapping blocks and the overlap is every 4 pixel. so, if the coordinate first block 1,1 until 1,16, then the second block start form 1,5 until 1,20, the third 1,9 until 1, 24..

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