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How to plot a circle?

Asked by Ara
on 8 Jan 2013

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to plot a circle with radius= 190 km, and the centre of circle is (2.55, 101.46)both are in degree. If I have to change in km also are become like this (283.87, 11295.0345)km. The question is how can I determine the centre of circle by symbol? and the sketch has been attached here would be useful because I do not know how to plot like this? Could you please help me?

radius = 190;
centerX = 2.55;
centerY = 101.46;
rectangle('Position',[centerX, centerY, radius, radius],...
axis square; 


I don't know which of the four "download" words to click on on that page. Why don't you try or

on 8 Jan 2013

Thank you. I did it.

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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 8 Jan 2013
 Accepted Answer

I don't know what "determine the centre of circle by symbol" means, but I can tell you from the code that the center of the circle is at (x, y)=(2.55, 101.46) but I don't know what you mean when you say "both are by degree". What does a pair of degrees mean? Aren't x and y in km? How are they in degrees? What does that mean?


on 9 Jan 2013

Yes,agree. But you know I do not want fit the circle with the positions I gave. What I want a circles that already known radius and centre and now just want to plot and fit the tiny circles in it. I mean fit tiny circles with the constant circles around them. To see weather all the tiny circles located in this area or not.

on 16 Jan 2013

Thank you, Image. Sorry for the late response. Just remain some questions and I am trying to solve it, if I can't fix it I will bother you again.

Then perhaps you want this: It will find the smallest circle (or rectangle or triangle, or other redefined shapes) that will contain (fit) all your points inside.

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