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GUIDE: Issue designing window size in dual-monitor setup.

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Justin on 10 Jan 2013
Hey folks,
I noticed an odd behavior when adjusting the parent figure size in GUIDE. On my system, the maximum size you can set the main figure to is the native resolution of the monitor. However, an odd thing occurs when I am using dual-monitors with different native resolutions.
I currently use a dual-monitor setup, with two screens of different native resolutions (Laptop at 1366x768 and Monitor at 1920x1280).
In Windows, you can choose which display is your "Main Display". In my mind, which screen you have selected as the "Main Display" should be the largest figure size you can create in GUIDE.
However, the situation is inverted. If I have the larger monitor set as the "Main Display" in Windows, the largest possible figure is the resolution of the smaller laptop display. If I have the smaller laptop set as the "Main Display", the largest possible figure is the resolution of the larger monitor.
Any ideas or explanations?
Thanks, Justin


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